Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC Sustainability Campaign

We are pleased that Mayor Bloomberg again called on us for video support to make an important announcement to New Yorkers. On Tuesday, June 11, 2013 Bloomberg proposed a network of floodwalls, levees and bulkheads along the city’s coast, (see full article in the NY Times.) The mayor’s office commissioned Lovett to create a video for his speech at the Brooklyn Navy Yard explaining how NYC was preemptively more prepared for Hurricane Sandy, due to the initiatives of Bloomberg’s on-going PlaNYC campaign, to meet the challenges of the growing city’s needs by 2030. Lovett Stories and Strategies was chosen to chronicle PlaNYC as it went from concept to reality. We would like to thank the Office of the Mayor for choosing us for such an important project and a special thanks to veteran Lovett producer Sean Kaminsky.