At the request of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, we were commissioned to develop three compelling videos introducing the initiatives of his Sustainability Challenges and Goals for New York City Through 2030 campaign. The videos discuss some of the issues New Yorkers deal with on daily basis, from the mundane worries of garbage pickup and the subway running on schedule to the need to find housing, jobs, and clean, safe open space within the city. In particular, it addresses the added challenges the city will have to face as our population grows by 1,000,000 in the next 25 years. One man interviewed comments, “Growth is great but it has to be done right.” Mayor Bloomberg has brought together a team of specialists from local universities and environmental and urban planning organizations to make sure that it is. In these three videos, OpeNYC, MaintaiNYC, and GreeNYC, these experts, along with New York residents, speak on these issues and what they hope can be done to address them.

The videos were integrated into Mayor Bloomberg’s introductory presentation of his sustainability campaign, which took place at the Queens Museum of Art on December 12, 2006. The program is still going strong. Over the past few years since the implementation of this campaign, agencies all across the city have come together to work towards achieving many of his goals first shown to the public in this video campaign.

New York City Office of the Mayor


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