Microsoft and Opts Ideas asked us to create a short video to acknowledge the ongoing support of their mobile OEM and carrier partners for the new Windows Phone platform. When they contacted us, we had less than three weeks to deliver the video in time to be shown during CEO Steve Ballmer’s presentation. Our producers worked with our local partners on three continents, sometimes with as little as 36 hours notice, to complete all shooting within ten days. Our seamlessly integrated tapeless workflow meant the wait for media after a shoot in Asia was hours and not days. The clients teleconferenced into the edit, and the video made its way to Spain with time to spare.

“It is rare indeed for commercial television to produce a program of such high-quality as the two-and-a-half-hour documentary Cancer: Evolution to Revolution…If you do not have cable, I urge you to visit a friend who does...”

Jane E. BrodyThe New York Times

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